Aghashi Kot

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Aghashi Kot.

In Agashi though there is no actual forts or its remain as on today in Mahikavati Bakhar it is mentions that there was a fort in this area at the time of rulling period of king Bimb. This fort should be in a area where now Bhavani Shankar temple and its adjoining lake is available. In the construction of this lake some huge stones and ancient idols are found which prove the existence of fort in this area. According to historical records after the victory of Chimaji Appa on Vasai fort on 16 May 1739 Shri Bhavani Shankar Temple built in period of 1739 to 1750. The construction of this temple done by Shri Shankaraji Keshav Phadke, Chief Commander of chimaji Appaa for Agashi-Arnala region. Bhavani Lake which is adjacent to Shri Bhavani temple was built in the same era. The sculptures and carving in this lake are still witness of this glorious past. In the name of renovation the beauty of this temple has been lost. The ancient lamppost in the yard of this temple has been destroy for the expansion of the temple. For more than 100 years herostone & Samadhi of Shankaraji Phadke and his relatives were lying in the yard of bhavani Shankar temple in misery and horrible conditions.(Aghashi Kot)

Representative of the fort Vasai campaign Dr.Shridutt Raut and his colleagues have made strong efforts to preserve this Samadhi & herostone. By making endless efforts and labor donations to free this Samadhi & herostone from the dust and garbage. Remembrance of these historic great men is must who have been sacrificing their life for Swarajya by teaching the lesson to foreign invasions and oppression on the Vasai region. The team of Vasai campaign is worthy of praise who are fighting to save the forts for our fortune generation to aware them about our real heros. Though there is nothing to look like as a fort the sculptures on the temple of Bhavani Shankar are spectacular and rare. Especially sculptures of Kamdhenu and Kalpavruksha are rare to find we can see on wall of this temple. Even though the fort does not exist to look at it one should visit here once to visit a beautiful historical place.

माहिती साभार
सुरेश किसन निंबाळकर
सदर संकेतस्थळाचे सर्व हक्क राखिव असून येथे प्रकाशित झालेला कोणताही लेख अथवा छायाचित्र हे लेखकाच्या किंवा प्रकाशकाच्या परवानगीशिवाय वापरता येणार नाही याची नोंद घ्यावी. असे केलेले आढळल्यास कायदेशीर कारवाई करण्यात येईल.


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